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February 2016 - USA

USA | Minnesota | Monticello | Als's Mom Annette looking down on her childhood home

USA | Minnesota | Buffalo | Mill Creek Inn | Al's Mom with "Capt Morgan and Pull Tabs"

February 29, 2016

Al's Mom Annette died today and has gone to join husband Bud and son Frankie in heaven.

What a lady! Last Tuesday the doctor gave her a week to live so we brought her home to Al's sister Connie and Steve's home with hospice help. It was a blessing to be able to share this time with Connie and Steve as Mom passed peacefully. Fortunately we had not returned to Paris yet and had just returned from our visit with Sally's Dad in Florida.

USA | Florida | Cape Coral | Sally, Daddy, Brigid lunch at The Boathouse at the Pier

USA | Florida | Cape Coral | The Boathouse at Pier | Al, Sally and Daddy Tom Fraher

February 16, 2016

We flew to Fort Myers, Florida to visit my Dad (93) and my sister Brigid's family in Cape Coral for a week. We arrived Saturday and are enjoying the beautiful 77 F weather. Sunday our friends Bob and Val from Duluth, MN came over to visit for the day. We enjoyed the beautiful day catching up on our life events. Yesterday Brigid and I did some Sale shopping and then Daddy took us for a late lunch/early dinner at Bert's Bar, Matlache for grouper. Brigid took today off today so we ran some errands and had lunch at The Boathouse in Cape Coral.

USA |Utah |Park City | The Canyons Ski Area |Al sking with son Christopher

February 12, 2016

Al got back from his ski trip to Utah on Tuesday night. Wednesday we drove out to Buffalo to see Al's mom one more time before we left. She's doing lots better but she won't be leaving Park Ridge Nursing Home any time soon. Thursday we drove to Lake Forest Il to son Christopher and Mary's house. Friday Maddie didn't have school so we had a play date in the morning and then Jack came home at lunchtime to join into the fun. We played lots of board games and made window clings that Maddie got for Christmas. We fly to Florida tomorrow to visit my Dad.

Feb. 7, 2016

Al and I both had a 12 hour bug last weekend but we were able to visit Al's mom, brother Dave and Julie, and sister Connie and Steve one more time before we head back to Paris. My sister Maggie came out Friday to spend the weekend with me and the girls. (Josie, Emma and Allie) in Cottage Grove . Pat and Nicci (their mom and dad) went up North with friends and Al flew to Utah to meet our son Christopher for 4 days of skiing at The Canyons. It's been bitter cold in Minnesota with windchills well below zero. We even got 10 inches of snow one day.

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