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August 2013 - Sweden, Denmark, Germany, USA

August 18, 2013

Hi Everyone, Last Saturday Aug. 10 we sailed with Justin, Chris and Sara from Copenhagan to Helsinger, Denmark home of Kronborg Castle also known as Shakespeare Hamlet's Castle as it's the one referred to in Hamlet. Great sail about 25nm. We were moored alongside which made it easier for pregnant Chris and baby Sara to get on and off the boat. Great picturesque castle and museum. Another beautiful Hanseatic medieval town. We were there Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning so not much open, just the important places like ice cream and Sunday morning Danish pastries:-)

The domino's came out and we had games of Mexican train for two nights. We had a fantastic 30nm sail back down the Danish coast past Copenhagan to Dragor on Sunday. Sara slept for 4 hours in the V berth. Sara and Grandpa have bonded this week using ducks, geese and swans as the go between. Grandpa would say let's go see the ducks and Sara would leave with us without a backward glance at mom and dad:-)

Monday Chris and Justin took a train across to Malmo, Sweden for the day and we had Sara all to ourselves. Great day she was very happy spending time with Grandma and Grandpa but once Mom and Dad came back it was Mama she wanted! Tired of losing at Domino's the dice game "Zilch" came out for the next two nights.

Tuesday we took a bus and train to Roskilde, Denmark another nice sea port inland on a fiord. It's known for it's beautiful cathedral and Viking museum. Roskilde was the capital of Denmark back in the Viking Age. They lifted 5 Viking ships from the fiord in 1962 and have beautifully restored them. They were used to make an underwater barrier in the fiord in the mid 11 century to block an attacking army. They also made life size replicas that are moored in the outdoor museum and Viking village. Fortunately we were eating lunch when most of the rain fell. We just are not use to bad weather after the fantastic summer we've had. Justin, Chris and Sara took Grandma and Grandpa out for dinner at the Dragor Bistro. We had traditional Danish meals. Chris and I both had a sampler plate that gave us tapas size portions of 6 different entrees. Al had roast pork and Justin had Wiener schnitzel.

Wednesday was a rainy, rainy day. We kept promising Sara to go see the ducks but then the rain would come again. Finally after dinner we went for ice cream and fed the ducks.

Wednesday we took Sara to the ducks again while mom and dad took their showers. Then we went for pastries one last time before they had to pack up and leave for the airport. Sad good-byes at the bus stop but we'll be seeing each other soon in USA:-)

Al and I went back to Artemis and sailed down the coast 25nm to Roedvig for the night. We left early Thursday morning and motor/sailed 55nm to Gedser, Denmark.

Then Friday we woke early again and motor/sailed 70nm to Kiel, Germany. We are at the British Kiel Yacht Club where we'll leave Artemis on Wednesday to fly to Chicago. We'll drive to Minnesota on Thursday or Friday. The kids all plan to be in Minnesota over Labor Day then later in the week we'll drive back to Chicago for a visit before we fly back to Artemis Sept. 10. Hope all is well and excited to see some of you soon. Love and God Bless Sally and Al

August 5, 2013

Hi Everyone, Last Wed. we were in Hollviken in Falsterbo Canal Sweden. We rode bikes through the Nature Reserve to Skanor and had a picnic. Then we rode to Foteviken and visited a hokie Viking village. Great day riding bikes and nice weather until late afternoon. There was about a 15 min downpour but we were dry in the grocery store.

Thursday we sailed up under the Oresund Bridge to Limhamn Marina just south of Malmo. We had trouble buying fuel as we didn't have a pin code chip credit card:-( Then I ran uptown to get cash and their systems were down and we couldn't get cash. Finally the manager took our signature credit card and charged to the marina then he carried the cash to the pump and paid that way. First time we've had a problem.

Friday we organized the boat, cleaned and finally had a place for the kids when they come. Saturday we rode bikes into Malmo. Great bike trails. We visited Tourist Information and got the specifics on how to get the kids from the airport to us. So easy with a 10m in train ride to Malmo and a 10 min bus ride to the bus stop closest to the marina. Then we rode around old town. Great old town buildings! Sunday we rode to the beaches and round that area of town.

Justin, Chris, and baby Sara arrived safely Monday afternoon. Today they're catching up on sleep and hopefully tomorrow we'll head to Copenhagan just 10nm across the Oresund bay. Monday we had a great sail across Oresund to Langelinie Marina Copenahagan right next to the Kastellet. We walked on Tuesday exploring the waterfront seeing famous Little Mermaid statue:-( and the Nyhavn area. Very picturesque along a canal with colorful houses. We watched the changing of the guard at Amaliegade and the wandered back to the boat having an ice cream cone along the way:-)

Wednesday we took a bus to Tivoli Amusement Park with it's beautiful gardens. We had a picnic and Sara, Mommy and Daddy rode the carousel. We walked over to Radhus City Hall then caught a bus back to Artemis. Thursday was a rainy morning so we had a late start. We rode the bus back to Tivoli area and had lunch. Then we visited the National Museum (Danish History and folklore), walked the Latin Quarter and old Copenhagen Christianhavn. Daddy Justin, Grandma and Sara climbed the Round Tower and saw beautiful rooftop views of Copenhagan. We had crepes and then walked through the Royal Gardens and fed the ducks. Thought we were closer to the boat than we were so a long walk back.

Friday Justin, Chris and Sara visited Kastellet while Grandma and Grandpa went grocery shopping. They had a nice lunch at pretty Nyhavn canal area. Grandma and Grandpa rode bikes to meet them. Then we toured Rosenborg Palace. While Sara napped in her stroller we walked more of the Latin Quarter and visited the cathedral. Sara went shopping for a Viking Helga doll with Mommy and Daddy and rode the bus back to Artemis. Grandma and Grandpa had a great bike ride to Lidl's. Hope all is well and Happy weekend. Love Sally Al Justin Chris and Sara

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