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December 2009

December 11, 2009

Al and I had planned to fly out of Antalya for Ankara then Frankfurt before flying home. But a month ago the flight to Ankara was cancelled. So in order to connect with our Frankfurt/Chicago flight we had to fly a day early Antalya to Frankfurt on SunExpress charter company to Frankfurt. We were put up in a hotel there. Well we arrived at the airport to check -in and they asked for our Paper Tickets?? We didn't have any so even though they could see us on the roster we had to buy two more ticket on the flight. Oh says the stewardess Now you have 4 ticket on this flight and she laughed. Grrrr.... We enjoyed a nice evening in Frankfurt. We walked along Main River to the Christmas Market. We had a lovely time drinking mulled wine and eating sausages and pork on a stick. Next morning we check-in to fly home...Paper Tickets please...but this time we dealt with an American and he explained the tickets were sent to our home in Burnsville! Now how did they think we could receive tickets for a flight originating in Turkey from the USA that quickly. Oh well all went well and we didn't have to buy another set of tickets this time. A ten hours later we arrived in Chicago to Mary, Chris and our Maddie.

December 7, 2009

Last night we had a fun St. Nicholas celebration at the Navigator Restaurant. The Swiss Cruisers invited the cruisers to a party. They roasted chestnuts on the terrace and served hot mulled wine and home-made Christmas cookies in the bar. We were all busy laughing and talking when out on the terrace there "arose such a clatter" "what to our wondering eyes should appear" SANTA CLAUS AND HIS REINDEER?? Santa (Harry) had bargained with a Turkish farmer to borrow a reindeer (donkey). He brought his reindeer into the bar. We took turns sitting on Santa's lap and having our picture taken.

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