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January 2017 - USA

USA | Tennessee | Franklin |

January 31, 2017

We flew to Nashville Tennessee to visit our youngest son Christopher, wife Mary, Madison and Jack for 3 weeks. . The kids got Grandma to walk them down the hill to the Club and park several times. The key word is DOWN as they live in a gated development on a big hill. No problems until we had to conquer the long climb back up the hill.

USA | Chicago | Princess Sara, Queen Grandma and Princess Lucy

January 27, 2017

Sara and Lucy took turns staying home from Nursery School each day for play days with Grandma and Grandpa. We were busy playing with all the Christmas and birthday presents. Unicorn Glitterluck and CandyLand were the newest games. Goldiblox and Bead Necklaces were a hit too. But the main source of entertainment was playing, Princesses, house and school. Grandma had to pin on her princess dress!

January 22, 2017

USA | Lincoln Park Zoo | Sara and Lucy

Happy 3rd Birthday Lucy

We arrive in Chicago January 19 in time to celebrate Lucy's 3rd birthday. We had some gorgeous weather over the weekend reaching 59F so we went to Lincoln Park Zoo and out to lunch.

January 18, 2017

USA | Minesota | Allie and Emma

Great fun with Josie , Emma, and Allie on a snowy Martin Luther King Day. Mom and Dad are in Jamaica for 6 days and Grandpa and I were with the girls. Not too scary as Nana and Bumpa were near by and Aunt Maggie came out to stay a couple of days. We leave for Chicago on Thursday.

After the holidays everyone went back to work and school. But Allie, Grandma and Grandpa got to play everyday , read stories and sing songs. Allie also was potty trained over the last month. Allie especially loved to play Legos, Magnetiles, and play-doh. But most times she came with her dollys to play Doctor. Everyone seemed to have an assortment of injuries and ailments. Grandma and Grandpa did have a few lunches and dinners out with MN friends while home. It's always fun to catch up with family and friends.

January 10, 2017

2006 Atlantic Crossing Crew: Judy Taylor, Larry Carpenter, Al, Sally and Mike Sikorra

Usa | Minnesota | Roseville | Great Lakes Cruising Club Dinner |

Happy New Year! We celebrated with friends Mike and Judy Sikorra. The kids had college friends and their families overnight so Grandma and Grandpa stayed overnight with Sikorras. We've been busy while in MN with lots going on over the holidays. Everyone went back to work and school Jan. 3 So Grandpa and Grandma just had 2 year old Allie to entertain us. We've been busy with legos, playdoh, and Magne-Tiles. While Allie napped each day Al and I worked on our slide show presentation for the Great Lakes Cruising Club. Angele and Jim Passe invited us to share our 11 years of adventures cruising on Artemis. It was fun seeing some "old" friends and our 2006 Atlantic Crossing Crew was there to cheer us on.

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