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February 2017 - USA

USA | Florida | Cape Coral | The Boat House Bar and Grill

USA | Florida | Matlache | Bert's Bar

USA | Florida | Matlache | Bert's Bar

USA | Florida | Cape Coral| The Boathouse

USA | Florida | Cape Coral | kayakking in Mangroves

February 28, 2017

We had a fun week with Daddy who is 94 and with my sister Brigid and her family. Brigid took Friday off from work so we had a busy 3 day weekend. The weather was perfect with mid 80's and only one morning of rain. Daddy made sure we got to his favorite spots in Cape Coral while we were there. Bert's Bar, Michels, and the Boat House. Brigid, Grant, Al and I went kayakking in the mangroves one day too. But most days we just sat with Dad talking about the old days and asking questions about his family and the war.

USA | Tennessee | Franklin | T-Ball at the park

USA | Tennessee | Franklin | Edwin Warner Park |

USA | Tennessee | Nashville | Nashville Zoo

February 20, 2017

The time has flown by in Tennessee. Lots more successful projects, a trip to the Nashville zoo and TN History Museum. Jack will start T-ball next week so Grandpa and Dad set up the T-ball stand and practiced the basics with both kids several days. Today we took a hike in Edwin Warner Park. Up and down lots of hills through the woods clocking over 12,000 steps on our fit bits. We fly out to Fort Meyers, FL to visit my Dad at my sister Brigid's house in Cape Coral.

USA | Tennessee | Franklin | Grandpa supervising Maddie

USA | Tennesse | Franklin | One of our many jobs - Toy room shelves

USA | Tennessee | Franklin | Beautiful day for painting outside

February 6, 2017

We've had a busy week helping Christopher and Mary with house projects. They moved in last July and we helped a lot while there last August but the project list after a move is overwhelming. So we were happy to help out. Maddie and Jack are in school all day so this gave us something to do during the days. Christopher had Fridays off from school so we saved the big jobs for when he'd be home. Plus we could go to lunch and see some of the area. We had some nice days to enjoy the outdoor fireplace and use the hot tub too.

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