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March 2017 - USA and Paris France

France | Paris | Petit Palais| Garden Courtyard

March 31, 2017

We had a fun, beautiful March! Spring arrived at least 3 weeks earlier than last year in Paris. The trees and flowers have been blooming for a few weeks and last year it was well into April before they began. We've enjoyed many beautiful days walking along the Seine and into many of our favorite parks. The flowers are gorgeous.

France | Paris | Saint Vincent de Paul

France | Paris | Luxembourg Garden

France | Paris | Luxembourg Palace-Senate

France | Paris | Sainte-Trinity

France | Paris | Senate Gardens -Luxembourg Palace

France | Paris | Port de l'Arsenal

We love eating a leisurely lunch in a cafe once a week but enjoy our impromptu picnics too. We are members of the Louvre and Museums D'Orsay/ Orangarie so have enjoyed several visits and some great Impressionist and Post Impressionist special exhibitions. Musee Marmottan Monet had a great Pissarro exhibition. We also love hearing classical pianists, ensembles, soloists perform usually for small donations at local churches or museums. The talent of these young artists is exceptional.

France | Paris |Tuileries Garden

France | Paris |Bois de Vincennes | Lu Lac Daumesnil

France | Paris | Le Pomenade Plantee Viaduc des Arts

France | Paris | Tchaikovski Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

France | Paris | Parc Monceau | spring flowering trees

France | Paris | Musee Marmottan Monet | Pissarro Exhibition

France | Paris | Lovely lunch

Well it hasn't been all play since we've been back. Boat projects are never ending. Al has been busy wiring all the components of our new windlass. Unfortunately the new model of the one we purchased has different specs than what was advertised. So long story short...we had to order replacement parts and won't be able to finish the job until we return from the US in July. Fortunately we won't need to anchor before then. We've done some varnishing too.

France | Paris | Tokyo Palace Terrace | Eiffel Tower

March 10, 2017

We are back aboard Artemis in Paris. Our flight went well. But the seats on United were not the best. Al's TV didn't work and we had no legroom. We arrived by 9:10 AM and caught the 10:15 shuttle to Gare de Lyon. It's a short walk to the marina and all was well with Artemis. We unpacked our luggage and were happy to find all the new windlass parts and other items we had picked up in the states had arrived safely. We were up and off to the phone store to get our internet this morning. We already had over 12,000 steps in before noon. As busy as we were while in USA very rarely did we even make 10,000.

USA | Tennessee | Franklin | Girl Scouts Internatonal Day

USA | Illinois | Chicago | Happy 66th Grandpa

USA | Illinois | Chicago | Park

USA | Illinois | Chicago | Lincoln Park Zoo

USA | Illinois | Chicago | Lincoln Park Zoo

March 8, 2017

We had two days with Maddie and Jack in Tennessee. We got to see Jack's first T-Ball practice and Maddie's Girl Scout International Day. We flew back to Chicago on Saturday to have a few more days with Sara and Lucy. We got to see both girls dance at Ballet Share day. We celebrated Grandpa's birthday with Key Lime Pie both in Tennessee and Chicago. We went to Lincoln Park Zoo with the girls and out for pizza lunch. Then went to Mia Francesco's for supper.

USA | Florida | Cape Haze | Intercoastal Waterway | Val and Bob's Whaler

USA | Florida | Cape Haze | Cape Haze Marina

March 2, 2017

Friends Val and Bob from Duluth MN were wintering in Cape Haze Florida so we spent a day with them before heading back to Tennessee. We took their Whaler out on the Inter-coastal for the afternoon and then went to dinner at Johnny Leverock's Seafood House. We had a nice visit and they drove us to the airport today. Flying back to Tennessee for a couple of days before flying back to Chicago.

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