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April 2017 - Paris France

April was another beautiful, fun filled month in Paris. We enjoyed lots of excellent classical music concerts/recitals in lovely settings throughout the city. The website

called L'Official des Spectacles (also in magazine form that comes out on Wed at Tabac kiosks) is what we use to help plan our week for music. We enjoy the lunchtime concerts most often. It also has tabs for a variety of other activities to do in Paris each week. We visited three wonderful special art exhibitions and revisited our favorite artworks at Musee D'Orsay, Musee Louvre and Musee Luxembourg. Most fun of all was all the lovely walks throughout Parisian neighborhoods and parks. The spring flowers, trees and shrubs are marvelous. We continue a Sunday tradition we developed last year of walking after mass and enjoying a leisurely lunch and bottle of wine.

It has not been all fun and games though. We've worked on several boat projects and started making plans for this cruising season. Our trip home in June/July has been planned and we have our marinas reserved in the Canary Islands for our trip home Nov/Dec. There is always so much to prepare for each year and this year especially as we are planning to leave Europe (our 12th cruising season) and spend some time in the Caribbean. One year at a time...

France | Paris | St. Martin Canal | Cafe L'Atmosphere | favorite hamburgers figs,blue cheese, peppers...

France | Paris | St. Martin Canal

France | Paris | Parc Monceau

France | Paris | Invalides Garden

France | Paris | River Seine | Notre Dame

France | Paris | Pont near Notre Dame Street Musicians

France | Paris | Notre Dame | springtime

France | Paris | River Seine | Notre Dame

France| Paris | Luxembourg Gardens

France | Paris | Senete Gardens

France | Paris | Pantheon and St. Etienne

France | Paris | Luxembourg Museum

France | Paris | Luxembourg Gardens

France | Paris | Luxembourg Gardens | Many Chess games under way

France | Paris | Parc Monceau | Tulips

France | Paris | River Seine and Eiffel Tower

France | Paris | Paris Marathon | Along Seine River

France | Paris | Seine River | Picnic before D'Orsay Museum visit

France | Paris| Parc Riv Droite Seine| Photo signboards on river walk| | friend Charlette on "Phoque"

France | Paris | Seine River | Parc Rive Droite | Sun shines people flock to parks

France | Paris| Port de l'Arsenal-La Bastille | Springtime Artemis' winter mooring

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