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February 2012 - Spain

February 29, 2012 Hi everyone, We are back in Barcelona after our 2.5 months in USA. We finally have internet on the boat after a week of trying only to find it is just as slow as our old internet:-( So no skype with video on the boat. We did skype to telephone to parents today and it worked okay. I've been sick with cold/sore throat all week and now Al is coming down with it. But atleast it is sunny and warm.

Al has finished the new cockpit cushions. Next job is sail repairs so we can put them back on and clean out the v berth for Connie and Steve. Despite all of our boat projects we have taken time out to reconnect with friends here. The girls went to tapas lunch on Saturday. Then Sunday after mass we went to hamburger joint lunch with friends and for a 4 hour walk to Montjunc and Botantical Gardens. Morning coffee group on Tuesday and then a great thank you dinner aboard Dutch friends boat last night. We miss our kids and grandkids but atleast we're not working every day in Burnsville on our house. So we're very glad to be back in Barcelona. Hope all is well. Love and God Bless Sally and Al


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