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December 2007 - Turkey, USA

Turkey | Kemer mountains behind

December 3, 2007 We had a busy fun weekend. A gal named Trish keeps us as busy as we choose to be here. Friday's St. Andrews Night was great fun. Our dance lessons made it all the more fun to join in. It was rainy and colder Saturday (55) So Al did sewing projects fixing sail bags and covers, mending hatch covers... I had tea with an American friend Mary then went and found two others and we went shopping for pashminas. It's more fun to do with other women than Al hovering around wondering what I would ever want one for :->

We decided to wear our new treasures to the symphony that night. The concert was wonderful Verdi, Hayden and Max Bruch. The Bruch violin concerto featured a Bulgarian soloist Mincho Minchev who was quite wonderful. We called him back to play two encores. Amazing and all for 6 lira (about $5) The arts are supported by the government here so tickets to the opera, symphony and ballet are all inexpensive. Our bus ride to/from Antalya costs more than the tickets. Sunday we had our weekly walk.

This week Trish took us to Old Kemer and up into the mountains for a hike and picnic. We had a lovely view of the marina while we ate lunch. It was a beautiful blue sky 75 degree day. About 40 people from the marina went along for our 4 hour outing. Today is market day. The citrus is grown locally and so perfectly delicious right now. A Turkish woman ran out with her children to meet our hiking entourage yesterday and picked doranges off her tree to give each of us as we walked by. The Turks we've met are such happy friendly peo

Love Sally and Al

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