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December 2008 - Turkey

Merry Christmas Picture from Kemer Turkiz Marina 2008-2009 Liveaboard Cruisers

Sunday Hike December 7 in Turkish Mountains

December 13, 2008

We had one more beautiful hike last Sunday before we fly home on December 15. Gorgeous day and lots of climbing to keep us on our toes. We had a lot of wash outs on the trail so had to be careful where you stepped. I was glad for a helping hand a few times. The rest of the week we were busy getting the boat ready for haul out. We are now on the hard in the boatyard. We won't do our maintenance work until we return in the Spring. Our bags are packed and we're enjoying a last few meal in the Navigator.

Turkey | Kemer | Kemer Turkiz Marina | Some Navigator Restaurant staff

December 1, 2008

We had a great Thanksgiving. On Wednesday I had about 20 people who went out into the woods and foriged for nature. Then we came back and made absolutely lovely decorations for the Navigator Restaurant where we had our Thanksgiving feast. We had 3 big Turkeys which the staff decorated with sparklers and paraded through the dining room. We even had cranberries this year as one UK cruiser saw them in Israel and remembered the Americans would want them for Thanksgiving. It was a fun evening complete with dancing.(Al was the DJ)

Friday Al and I went with a group to Antalya to shop at Sam's Club type store and a Home Depot type store. So we did shop on "Black Friday" but no Christmas presents. Yesterday we had another beautiful 4 hour hike in the mountains/woods near Kemer and a picnic. Tonight my Swedish friend Ulla and I are in charge of the questions for Quiz Night. The losers last time had to make up the next game:-( Some more exciting news in our family. Pat, Nicci and Josie have bought a new house. They closed last Tuesday and started settling in over Thanksgiving vacation. They are still in Cottage Grove, 6973 Timber Ridge Drive So. We had some windy, rainy weather last week but the forecast this week is sunshine and mid 70's.

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