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March 2010 - Turkey

March 28, 2010

Hi everyone, Happy Spring and Easter Week. Time seems to fly away from us here in Kemer Turkey as we are kept busy with boat jobs and activities. We had great fun on our Sunday hike today near Antalya. We hiked an old Roman Road and then went to a cave dwelling. We had a few sprinkles but when we got back to Kemer it was sunny and dry.

The wind has picked up so it seems a bit chilly tonight. I had a "near bike loss" experience. The wind blew my bike over and when I went outside to check it was hanging off the dock by one pedal. I carefully got off the boat and grabbed the front tire before it could plunge into the 12' deep harbor.

Al was sick for a couple of days this last week so I didn't get much work out of him. But I went on a shopping trip and to a special Turkish meal (roast leg of lamb) at the Navigator without him. The Americans leaving Kemer had an ice cream sundae party for the Kemer employee's one day too. Yesterday we spent the day doing sail repairs and putting them back on. So now we look like a sailboat again and we're one step closer to going sailing. We had our time change last night so we are now 8 hours ahead of Minnesota time again. We have something going on every day this next week. I think we'll be glad for the quiet anchorages after this busy Spring. Happy Easter. Love and God Bless Sally and Al


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